Friday, July 23, 2010

post campus-post mortem

so it's officially a couple of weeks post campus and I've had the laziest time in a while. waking up to hefty breakfasts, on time lunches, movies and lovely company tops it off. twitter has become my new best friend and all the facebook pals are cussing it out, but do i care??
so before i digress into that story for another day, i was doing a post mortem of my for years through campus and i felt pushed to write a post. the highs and lows of the whole time.
first off there was the orientation that i missed and the cliche soda that they hand out. funny thing i found my way around quite fine. since i was in the jaws of protective sisters i was staying with them for first year so i missed the first year's rave at k1 where the official gold rush and funganaing began.
then the hellish process of getting the school ID, that took ages, but through which i met my first dude friend, who has the worst pick up line ever, and for which he will get grief for the rest of his adult life "i saw you with a Sony ericcsson, do you have nice ring tones?"
well then there was the labelling that i went through from day one, the kasmall chick, the kasmall chick from coast, the kasmall chick who's always with the light guy, the kasmall chick who's added weight now, the kasmall chick who does french, the kasmall chick who's a snob.....and the list goes on.
so finally i wrenched the hand that fed me and got to stay on campus. an experience that honest to God is comparable to nothing else!
first off those death traps they call showers that have a plastic curtain that i think my father must've showered behind in his time at the same campus, keeping in mind that the hostel i stayed in was formerly a men;s hostel (not like the ratio of males to females in it has changed much over time).
then the paper thin mattresses for the bed that can hold only one, till today i swear i don't understand how the fatsos manage to sleep together. for me cuddling my college sweetheart in his bed was quite the treat seeing as how, we were both cuddlalble, if there's a word like like that.
then thank God for rules that could be broken and allowed to cook in the rooms, otherwise we'd have to do that horrid gruel they call food from the mess. goodness!!
the library was a major disappointment! i figured i would have one of those scenes from the movies where the lead characters have a go at it behind the shelves, the CCTV was a major buzz-kill!!
so campus is gone now and I'm embracing the jungle that it is out here.
enough rambling....

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  1. ma cocote...tu dois rentrer ici et continue a ecrire ces histoires..tu me manque et j'espere tu as vu les boulots que je t'envoyait...