Friday, July 23, 2010

post campus-post mortem

so it's officially a couple of weeks post campus and I've had the laziest time in a while. waking up to hefty breakfasts, on time lunches, movies and lovely company tops it off. twitter has become my new best friend and all the facebook pals are cussing it out, but do i care??
so before i digress into that story for another day, i was doing a post mortem of my for years through campus and i felt pushed to write a post. the highs and lows of the whole time.
first off there was the orientation that i missed and the cliche soda that they hand out. funny thing i found my way around quite fine. since i was in the jaws of protective sisters i was staying with them for first year so i missed the first year's rave at k1 where the official gold rush and funganaing began.
then the hellish process of getting the school ID, that took ages, but through which i met my first dude friend, who has the worst pick up line ever, and for which he will get grief for the rest of his adult life "i saw you with a Sony ericcsson, do you have nice ring tones?"
well then there was the labelling that i went through from day one, the kasmall chick, the kasmall chick from coast, the kasmall chick who's always with the light guy, the kasmall chick who's added weight now, the kasmall chick who does french, the kasmall chick who's a snob.....and the list goes on.
so finally i wrenched the hand that fed me and got to stay on campus. an experience that honest to God is comparable to nothing else!
first off those death traps they call showers that have a plastic curtain that i think my father must've showered behind in his time at the same campus, keeping in mind that the hostel i stayed in was formerly a men;s hostel (not like the ratio of males to females in it has changed much over time).
then the paper thin mattresses for the bed that can hold only one, till today i swear i don't understand how the fatsos manage to sleep together. for me cuddling my college sweetheart in his bed was quite the treat seeing as how, we were both cuddlalble, if there's a word like like that.
then thank God for rules that could be broken and allowed to cook in the rooms, otherwise we'd have to do that horrid gruel they call food from the mess. goodness!!
the library was a major disappointment! i figured i would have one of those scenes from the movies where the lead characters have a go at it behind the shelves, the CCTV was a major buzz-kill!!
so campus is gone now and I'm embracing the jungle that it is out here.
enough rambling....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

letter to my 13yr old self...

Dear Zosi,
You are still way below five feet and are wondering why all the other girls don’t look like you. Or why you don’t look like them *same difference* don’t worry my dear, it’s called late blooming. Your cherries blossom all too well eventually.
Don’t fret about mom cutting our hair constantly, one day we even have a blonde fringe! And mom not letting you wear trousers will make you love them even more in the future. She will prefer you in them than in skirts *ironic*.
I know everyone in school right now thinks your acting out because of dad’s passing, so don’t let them think otherwise. Despite all their meetings in the staff room about you, we still pass; go to a good school and even university! Dad leaving is not the end of our world, instead we all learn to be strong on our own and not vest our fate in one man. By the way you are still looking for him in every man you date!!
About that, since you’ve suffered a great heart break recently, you know what heart ache means so don’t cry when the boys steal your diary in high school and make copies of it. You will learn who your real friends are this way. Don’t give up on music and poetry even if mom and the principal say to because it’s the rhythm of your soul. One day we sing in a band and learn guitar, and post poetry on wamathai’s site. :)
Learn to smile, and not take life too seriously. I know everyone says you’ve always been an angry child but trust me...we become very pleasant and giggly!
The geek day we live up to it and join twitter and start a blog! Damn! We even date a geek!
I don’t want to pre-empt the future because I know you will try to change it and I wont be who I am today so live everyday as it comes.
Finally friends are the wealth of your life never stop making them!
Love always...Slightly taller 23yr old you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bed written

As i write, am currently halfway covered in my duvet,in my campus room,blogging from my phone *believe it*
as usual, got up quite early, and check out twitter, then peak at my blog to see if anyone commented.*crickets* then i see mwirigi's now following it! super jazzed i send a quick thank you DM and get a swift reply,with tips..content! content! content! he here..decided to write. when i started this blog i wanted it to be the most random one around ergo i never put a clear-cut theme to it. reason being,i'm just like that, and i make no apologies today. i'm jumpy and mouthy. i love to laugh and the most ordinary things never look the same in my point of view.i have a weird ability to conjure up parallel situations to something that are out of this world! and i totally dont like using capital letters as you may have noticed.
i told mwirigi that i never thought anyone reads this blog then i asked myself.. for whom do i write.. the answer in a whisper came to me *aha moment*
my soul-enough ramblin

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've had it with Kenyan habits...for real!
first off, i keep asking if I'm the only one who crosses the road with a diagonal trajectory! the sense in doing so is so we don't bump into each other. even though i always have earphones on, i look ahead dammit!
another thing these dudes who like sitting in a matatu like they're in their living room bore me to bits! some have the audacity to try crossing their legs! i need a car of my own soonest!
actually people in matatus lack the courteous gene! how do you just hit me with that humongous thing you call a handbag and say nothing!? that's another i have to look at you wit my killer look for you to now apologize??? you want to tell me you don't think i warrant an apology?? even when you step on me?? i mean i step on a feather and I'm in shoes..i still feel it! dude.that's a human foot!
then now, there those who don't believe in queuing or waiting their turn..people, the sun don't shine out of anyone's nose, so no one is too important to wait in line! not unless you're a gimp or a preggo. otherwise..WAIT YOUR TURN! if i can you can..coz you're shit stinks too!
now this is the mother of 'em all...kenyan men, not every young looking girl is looking to be chipsed! and the pick up lines my good Lord...get "pick up lines for dummies" or something like that! munajiaibisha!
i guess i can blame all this on growing up in coast!
enough rambling!!
no wait today was RANTING!!! and yes i have more where this came from...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


yesterday at a time like this, i was taking my sweet tush over to hooters to meet @wamathai of and his pals who ended up being @albieno @mwirigi @swambi @chiira @matrixster @potentash and @mchizzi.
quite the pleasant crowd...introductions were of course done via twitter names. so we hang for a bit and then head out to alliance francaise for aziza's concert that we missed! did i mention someone *@wamathai* had his laptop open at hooters!! dang!
so at alliance we settle down and decide this is where we shall watch the ghana vs uruguay match. hopes a re high for the black stars..with ooohs and aaaahs resounding all over. @albieno and i had to suferthe wrath of some mlingotis seated right in front of us..oh but we lived and saw ghana put up a good fight as @mwirigi soundly only he knows.
well the night transcended into total derailment on my part...gettin back to my humble room at 5;30am (a first!)
no regrets and mad fun...this is definitely the crowd to hang around
enough rambling...
well not so much rambling as recounting for now.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

kwaheri juni!

Dude,the ghost of june horror..or maybe MJ.. sure visited me this year..right from it's onset.
i caught no breaks this month. had to endure a "semester saucer" and all it's perils...infact i was supposd to be done with 8-4-4 and it's yet to happen!
had the worst time *hopefully the last of the year*..with sporadic enjoyable moments like: untamed at rangers and coast nite..other than that..i have endured empty coffers and plotless weekends.
bitchin aside..glad i still got to see averyday of the wretched month! it shall not be missed at all!
enough rambling... for now.

Monday, June 7, 2010

post jog analysis

well, the jog went well. Meaning we walked halfway home, busy consoling ourselves that it was power-walking! Hah! will still wake up at 5.45 tomorrow to do it all over again.
My running mate and i are both wheezers (asthmatic) mind you so if you see a couple of young ladies doubled over, remember us and whisper a few words.
I must say the crowd that jogs in the snotty nosed neighborhood would care less! My running mate and i severally tried to give some acknowledging nods and none were returned. Did they label us already? Skinny girls who don't need to jog and making the rest of us feel bad, lazy bums just walking instead,be that as it may, it doesn't singe a hair on our heads, we jogged oblivious to the nose-up-in-the-air fellow joggers.
the essence of it all for us after all is not to lose weight that we dont have, but to rid us of the asthma (old wives tale)
All said and done who knew jogging works up such an appetite! Explains all the fat, sorry plus size joggers aye?